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Lost 202 Brotherhood Moments
I believe in the brotherhood of all men.....
But I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone
who doesn't want to practice it with me.....
Brotherhood is a two way street

Lost 202 Brothers
Lost 202 - Brotherhood is Proven

A Friend will come bail you out of jail...

A BROTHER will be sitting next
to ya saying DAMN that was FUN!!!

2018 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • Matty (with a tip of the cap to JJ) – The website
  • Matty – The new organization of the photo albums
  • Pat & Shannon - For hosting Summer Blast. In my opinion it was one of the funnest Blasts we've had in awhile! I know they don't want the attention but I appreciate the effort they put into it.

2017 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • Father Murphy
  • Had some water damage inside the house due to a leaking roof. Murph came out and took a look, gave me some pointers on repair and even gave me a couple tubes of sealer.

    Couple weeks later when it came time for collecting construction materials I made a last minute decision to pick everything up all at once (thought I'd get away with one trip to Menards for this project, who was I kidding) and rented their truck. Got home and realized I got 5 sheets of the wrong drywall (rookie mistake) and I was not going to spend another $30 for 15 minutes of truck use.

    Called Murphy to see if he could help me haul a few sheets with his truck. "No problem" he says, "How much do you need to haul?" I told him what I needed and that I'd meet him at Menards so I could pick it up and he could lug it around for me... I pull into the Menards parking lot and there's Murph with 5 4x8 sheets of 5/8" firerock already loaded in the back of his truck. "I'll follow you" he says.

    Got home, helped me unload, I paid him for the sheetrock, he refused any extra for gas said I could buy him a beer and off he drove.

    Thank You Brother!

2016 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • Brotherhood nominations out to Jill, Lucky, E.J. & Matter. Thank you all for helping Micki with her Bike last night.
  • Jill, for seeing her on the side of the road and stopping to help,
  • Lucky & E.J. for driving out and helping her get a battery in it
  • Matter for running up to the Den @ 10:00 at night to test the Stator & Rectifier to save me the 2-hour round trip. I love this Family... To Da Lost!

  • PS...On that note... Anyone got a trailer I can borrow on Sunday to go get it and bring it home?

2015 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • Rusty - March 2015.
    Fliptender: Rusty, for pulling himself away from his exciting afternoon of popcorn spraying his ceiling to bring me to storage so I could spring my scoot. Thanks for hanging out brother!
  • John Mowry - Summer 2015.
    EJ: My sun glasses broke on a ride this Summer. While the rest enjoyed a beer at the bar I took off on foot to the Kwik Trip for a new pair of glasses. Before I got across John was calling me back and offered me his back-up pair of goggles. Which he didn't loan to me, he gave them to me!
  • Choptop - October 2015.
    Pressman: For getting out to the SCVR's Chili Feed grounds early and saving space for the Lost 202's camp.
  • Father Murphy - October 2015.
    EJ: For providing "security" in the Lost 202 SCVR Chili Feed camp!!!
  • Joe & Patty - November 2015.
    Choptop: Picking up Choptop & his broken down bike and getting both of them back home to Downing, WI!

2013 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • Jon Pauly - November 2013.
    Friday before deer opener I go downstairs to grab something and find water all over the floor. Source was the chimney stack on the water heater. I had people waiting for me and was about to cancel the trip when Betty suggests Jon. He prices options for me, picks it up, delivers and installs it the next day. I got to go deer hunting and Betty didn't have to take cold showers for two weeks.
  • Jon Pauly - Summer 2013.
    When we had that 1st heat spell in the spring, turned on the AC. 8 hours later, thought "Fuck, it's hot" checked the thermostat and it only dropped 2 degrees.
    Called brother Jon the next day, of course work was busy. Came over that week after work.
    Found a leak, fixed it and filled'er up with freon!
    My favorite person all summer!!
  • Pam Bowden - June 2013.
    Uncle Dave: I would like to nominate Pam for a true friend brotherhood nomination. On Wednesday Pam and Betty were on an excursion at the end of which Betty asked Pam if she'd take her to her doctors clinic instead of home. Pam upon hearing the problem, instead of just agreeing, thought otherwise. As a true friend and "brother" says "fuck no, you're going to the ER." There she stayed until she reached me and I could get there. Betty was diagnosed as having what is referred to as a tiny stroke and a full recovery is expected. She is in North Memorial so they can run tests to figure out what caused it and how to make certain it doesn't happen again. She has her cell if you want to drop a line. Big hug and thank you to Pam for taking such good care of my Sweetie and responding in such a great way.
  • Rick "Rusty" Ogren, Joe "Southsider" Basil, Wayne Sticha - January 2013.
    EJ: I think everyone knows about the life challenges that Matty has faced over the last year and a half. He's fought through a lot of things and came out the other side whole, but kinda starting over in life employment wise. He has held a job for almost a year now, but it's not a high paying job. He's decided it's time now to move on and pursue a "real job." But it's tough to do that without a computer and internet. Money is tight so he asked me to see if any members had a retired PC they would be willing to sell him.
    Rusty stepped up with a laptop that is in good shape and only a few years old! AND... he gave it to Matty for free! Thanks Rusty, that's awesome.
    And I'd also like to nominate Wayne and Southsider as well. They also volunteered PC's but Matty ended up with the laptop.

2012 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • Chris "Pressman" Small - December 2012.
    EJ: For stepping up, organizing, promoting and motivating members for the Christmas Party Food Shelf donations.
  • Matt "Matter" Randall - July 2012.
    Greg: So, today I get back from a short trip with my kids, and while I am gone, my bike is in the shop getting a new tire and some routine maintenance done before heading out on the trip to Hurly, Copper Harbor, and Tomahawk. I pick it up, and as usual, the bike runs great and I get it home and put it in the garage. After getting back from some errands, my garage is overcome with gas fumes, and there is a puddle of gas on the floor. WTF..... I call Matter, ans ask if he has any idea of what the problem could be. He drops what he was doing, and says to get it over to his house if I can get it started or he would come to my place. I get it running, get it over there, and he says it will be a while, so he gives me his bike to get back home so I can get ready for my up comming trip. A couple hours later, I have a cleaned out carb, and my bike runs great..... Thanks bro. I really appreciate your help... Oh, and this is after he helped Sal with a minor thing on her bike.

2011 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • "Uncle" Dave Shovelin & Mike "Tiny" Langlie - August 2011.
    Matter: Both had other plans, but when they heard I needed help laying 20 yards(?) of concrete, they dropped their plans and came over to help me.
  • "Uncle" Dave Shovelin - August 2011.
    EJ: We were unable to find a volunteer to drive the Lost 202 (Fireworks) support truck to the Gaslite for Summer Blast this year. Uncle Dave sacrificed being able to ride on the Saturday ride in order to insure the truck got to the Gaslite. Aunt Betty drove the truck out Friday night, Uncle Dave rode Betty's bike out to the Gaslite Saturday morning so that Aunt Betty could ride on the Summer Blast ride. Thanks Uncle Dave!
  • Mike "Tiny" Langlie - August 2011.
    EJ: Donation and installation of upgraded sound system for the Den. A lap dance is SO much better when the stripper is crying!"
  • Matt "Matter" Randall - August 2011.
    EJ: Donation of firewood to the Den.

2010 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • "Cherry" & "Iffy" - October 2010.
    EJ: Donation of a whole trailer load full of wood for fires at the Den.
    UPDATE: And they showed up two weeks later with ANOTHER trailer full!
  • "EJ" & "Lucky" - October 2010.
    Pressman: Donation and maintenance of the Wolves Den and sleeping quarters.
  • Jeff "JJ" Jakusz - July 2010
    Lucky: When JJ heard i bought a Fatboy he made mention that he had some extra stock parts from his. Well about a week or so ago he sent me a list of items he had. At the last minute i remembered that i forgot to ask him for the seat he had on his list. So today not only did he give me (free) a brand new seat for my bike but he also dropped it off at my work for me this morning!!! Thank you soooo much JJ your the bomb!!!
  • "Uncle" Dave Shovelin - February 2010.
    EJ: Donation and installation of a ceiling fan in the Wolves Den.
  • John "Iffy" Martin - February 2010.
    EJ: Had a spare set of tire chains he thought would fit my Lawn Tractor (Snowblower). So he gave them to me!

2009 "Brotherhood" Nominations
  • John "Iffy" Martin, Tim "Pumper" Shanno, Chris "Catman" Larson - Summer, 2009.
    Mad Dog: I can't count the number of times these guys have helped me with projects on my bikes, both the R* and the Spyder. I'm not just talking turning a wrench, although they did do that. I'm talking manufacturing parts, actually I should say design and manufacture. We'd start on a project today and the part would be ready to install in a day or two.
    Also I can't leave out Pumper. Pumper loaned me his R* while he worked on Mine. Can ya beat that. Not only is he doing the work but he gives me his bike to ride while he's doing it!
  • Denny "Mad Dog" Colello - Sept-Nov, 2009.
    EJ: A while back in the course of a conversation about the new house I was buying and related yard word, out of the blue, Mad Dog says he has a brand new hardly used self propelled lawn mower and that I could have it for free!
    • He also gave us (the Lost 202) a wall mount propane garage heater which is now in the Den providing great heat!
    • At the time we got those items out of storage, he also gave us an electronic dart game and 4
    • 20 lb. propane tanks!
    • Another time I was lamenting that recently when I went to clean on of my hand guns, my cleaning kit did not work with one of the guns. The ram rod was to thick to fit in the barrel. The next day I noticed a plastic bag on my work bench in the garage. There's two hand gun cleaning kits as well as 20 or 30 other miscellaneous cleaning tips and accessories.
    • While cleaning the Den carpet one time I mentioned needing to get a carpet sweeper as sweeping carpet with a broom is not very efficient or effective! The next day? You guessed it. Out in the Den is a small hand held vacuum cleaner and wand!
    • Oh and did I mention that the liquor cabinet in the Den used to be Mad Dog's gun cabinet? Yup, he donated that too!
    • On Thanksgiving my Son-in-Law was talking about wanting to try drying venison and making jerky... So the next day... Mad Dog delivers a food dehydrator to the garage and gives it to Heather & Donny!
    • After a bonfire at the Den I mentioned I could use a large magnet to get all the nails and hardware out of the fire pit. The next day, there's a magnet laying on my workbench!

    I'm prolly forgetting some things here now too... But thanks Dog for being so generous with things you had but didn't have a great need for anymore!
    You the man!
  • Joe "Southsider" Basil (and Kathy too) - November, 2009.
    EJ: For giving Lucky & I their old kitchen range and dishwasher for free when they upgraded!
  • "Matty" Johnson - Nov-Dec, 2009.
    EJ: For riding around town with me most every day after work picking up wood pallets for Den Bonfires. And for hooking us up with his kids work for a small but regular supply of pallets!
  • Jon Pauly - June, 2009.
    Mikey: His central air conditioning went out. Centerpoint Electric quoted him $2800 to replace. Mikey talked to Jon and Jon was able to hook him up with a new unit for a fraction of what Centerpoint wanted.
    Matty: Hot water heater went out. A new unit was around $350 but they wanted $1000 to install it. Matty picked up the unit, Jon helped him install it, and refused any payment for his effort. Way to go Jon!
  • Iffy - May 29th, 2009.
    Marv: Had a catastrophic transmission failure on the way out to the Dells for the Soupless Run. Iffy hooked up his trailer and drove over 200 miles to pic up Marv and the bike. They didn't get back home until after 3 am. Thanks Iffy!
  • Mikey - March 6th, 2009.
    EJ: I have had a fog light out on my truck since last summer. There was no point in replacing the bulb as the lens was broken by a kicked up rock most likely, any replacement bulb would just burn out anyway when it got wet.
    Mikey noticed one day and asked if I'd like him to order me a new light. Not only did he get me the new light at cost, which saved me $100. He had one of his boys at ABBRA install it for me, which saved me from having to crawl around on the ground! Good on ya Mikey!
  • Uncamonk - February 15th, 2009.
    Wayne S: Yesterday on the way to the Int'l Bike Show pulling my trailer to bring the bike back, etc., my transmission blew out trailing a thick flume of hot trani fluid and filling the compartment with smoke. Ouch!!! I called a few folks I knew who lived up North by me and no luck. Had the Trooper towed to Bob & Steve's, partner at the show came and got the trailer to the show. I placed a call to Uncamonk who volunteered to help without hesitation. He came to the show, helped load the bike, load the rest of the exhibit stuff and drove me, the trailer and my bike home to Elk River. He's THE MAN. He also refused to take any money to reimburse him for gas, etc.

2008 "Brotherhood" Nominations
Established November 2008
  • Uncamonk - December 20th, 2008. It is 10 BELOW zero snowy, icy, windy Saturday morning. Mikey and his dad are out running errands when their truck loses traction and they slide int the ditch and become stuck. Mikey phones Uncamonk who agrees to come pull Mikey out of the ditch. Unca borrows a neighbors tow strap and is on the scene 15 minutes later pulling Mikey out! Way to go Unca!
  • Anonymous - September 26th, 2008. Fall Colors Run, Alma Wisconsin. This is a triple blind anonymous Brotherhood Nomination.
    Fall Colors weekend, Alma WI... A Lost 202 member arrives in Alma and discovers their Cash Card will not work. Don't know what the problem is... but they're penniless for the weekend... Bummer.
    Within minutes of learning of said members predicament..... two members step forward and our penniless Lost mate has $160 in his pocket. Good on ya mates.
  • Matty - September 8th, 2008.
    SCVR's Chili Feed. There is free beer at the Chili Feed but Mikey isn't really into beer and wanted a bottle instead. The bar was unable to sell any more off-sale liquor due to low supplies. Mikey was bummed out. When Matty heard about it, he made an offer for Mikey to drink off his bottle for as long as it would last! Good on ya Matty!

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