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Lost 202 CeeCee Award

2018 CeeCee Winner

Thursday night @ the Chili Feed...

A few of us having dinner at the bar. Lucky gets up to use the restroom and someone at the table (who will remain anonymous "snitches get stitches") decides to poke a couple holes in her beer can.

She sits down and takes a sip of beer only to have it dribble all over her. Her first response is to blame "condensation" in her beer coozie. She wipes it off and goes back for another sip with the same result, so her next attempt involves using a napkin against her chin which is immediately soaked in beer... only then does it occur to her with a table full of giggling "friends" to check the front of her beer can to find not one, but three holes in the front of her can...

2017 CeeCee Winner

2016 CeeCee Nominations

  • Matty
    Lucky: Cee Cee nomination for Matty.
    For going to and waiting for the group First Aid/CPR Class..... a week before the actual class!
  • Cowboy
    Lucky: Cee Cee nomination for Cowboy.
    On our way up to Duluth we pull into a gas station and Micki and Jason pull up to a pump together to fill up. Micki tells Jason she's going inside to grab something assuming he will fill her tank to. Cowboy may or maynot have confirmed that he would fill her tank! LOL Ah well we take off and maybe 60-80 miles down the road Micki's bike dies. Her and I pull over and she swears the stater finally went out for good. Micki takes off her gas cap and her tank is bone dry and her bike is already on reserve!!! (Maybe Micki should get an honorary CeeCee for running out of a gas station with an assumed full tank of gas still switched to reserve?) The boys come back and Jason gets the privilege of siphoning gas from his bike to hers! (He says gas is an acquired taste, which he has not yet acquired!) Guess he forgot to fill hers too!!!!
  • Choptop
    EJ: Cee Cee nomination for Choptop.
    Choptop leaves Downing for Lost in Scoonie armed with his new GPS. He types in the Boscobel Sands Motel addy and the GPS comes up with multiple options. Of course he chooses the Boscobel addy. He proceeds to follow the GPS and heads Northeast (Boscobel is South of Downing). Apparently he fat fingered the GPS. He rides something like 50 miles before he realizes his folly and turns around. Better late than never he made it to Boscobel after dark!

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2015

2015 CeeCee Winner

Los Valientes Taco Feed
Standing in line at the LV taco feed behind a patched member of the Fossils MC, Porky says "is that a beaver?". Obviously not that loud as he still has all of his teeth! (LVMC patch, it's a Saber Tooth Tiger)

2014 CeeCee Winner

Sturgis, July Sunday night @ The Buffalo Saloon... It's late, mistakes have already been made, Fliptender needs to take a leak and off he goes. About 10 minutes later, he still hasn't come back, I thought nothing of it until I get a text message for him. "Hey Asshole... I'm locked in the bathroom"

The door to the bathroom is about 8 feet from where I'm standing so I leap to the rescue. I push open the bathroom door right behind Fliptender, He's facing the wrong direction. I got there just in time to prevent him from kicking down the utility storage closet door. He slowly turns around, figures out what's going on, and agrees without question when I suggest.

"Ummm, I think it's time to go."

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2014

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2013

2013 CeeCee Winner

May, On the Girl's Run
Twin Pines Resort
Slept both Friday and Saturday nights with two large concrete blocks in-between her mattresses! Couldn't figure out why she kept rolling out of bed Saturday night! (Something like this)

2012 CeeCee Winner

Sturgis, August
It was getting too hot for the vest so Jay took his off and put it in his buddies saddlebag... Problem was, it wasn't his buddies bike! He put his vest, Lost 202 patch and all, into a strangers saddlebag!

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2012

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2011

2011 CeeCee Winner
Aunt Betty

Evil Road Spirit's "Joey's Ride" Saturday May 8th
Tavern on the Avenue, St. Paul. Some of the folks ordered Bloody Mary's and were none to impressed with them. Among them, Mad Dog and Aunt Betty... Mad Dog proceeds to tell Aunt Betty that if she wants a really good Bloody Mary, she should go to CR's on a Sunday morning for their "Build Your Own" Bloody Mary Bar. Aunt Betty leans over to Uncle Dave and whispers to him..... "Who is Bill Jerome?"

2010 CeeCee Winner
Aunt Betty

Chicks Ride, May
Sometime during the weekend Betty noticed a "warning light" showing on her bike. She told Lucky she needed oil. So they stopped and she proceeded to add two quarts of oil to the bike. Over the course of the weekend she added approximately five+ (?) quarts of oil into the bike! Here's where it get's a little confusing..... apparently it turns out the warning light she was seeing was for engine temp and not oil??? When Uncle Dave went to check the oil in the bike... The oil cap shot off the bike followed by gushing waves of oil!

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2010

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2009

2009 CeeCee Winner

Algona Freedom Rally, July 3rd
We're sitting on the bank of the creek watching the women walk by a table set up opposite us offering free shots for chicks that flash them. When there was a live one, she'd have her back to us so we'd holler for her to turnaround and show us too! Along comes another woman who flashes for her shot..... Pressman is jumping up and down, waving his arms and yelling his lungs out..... She never turned around..... SHE WAS DEAF! LOL (The rest of us had seen her signing with her friends.)

2008 CeeCee Winner

The Lucky Lock-Out.
Tuesday night April 15th... Lucky had a few beers at MacKenzie's and then a few Captain Gingerales when we got home... Apparently one too many! She was not feeling very well in the morning and decided to sleep in for a few hours.
Got up around 10:00 feeling better, and decided to head into work. Before showering, Dressed only in her robe and slippers she goes out on the three season porch to have a cigarette. The porch is accessed by a sliding door. Once out on the porch she slides the door shut behind her and as she does so... hears a distinctive little "click". Yup... door locked behind her! Not dressed, no house key, no car keys, no cell phone, just one cigarette..... SIX HOURS LATER, EJ & Matt got home from work and let her back in the house!

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2008

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2007

2007 CeeCee Winner

In Chicago, doing a wireless install for Wheaton College, a highly conservative, affluent, private CHRISTIAN college . half way through the presentation he is working he realizes he needs another graphic he has stored on his laptop. So he searches and finds the file he's looking for "000_0007.jpg" with the projector still turned on, he opens the file... and up on the screen pops a picture of a blow-up doll from Renny's Lost 202 birthday party!
(Something like this!(

2006 CeeCee Winner

The Scene: Tinucci's Prime Rib Buffet.
23 Lost 202 members & friends and approximately 100 other diners!
RottenPup gives EJ a present - a brand new shiny bullhorn! EJ of course, is unfamiliar with the controls, but hey, what can go wrong? Unable to resist a new toy, EJ fiddles with the damn thing trying to read the instruction sticker affixed to the side of the horn. His finger inadvertently hits a switch, activating the bullhorn siren feature! Unaware of how he had turned it on, he is unable to turn if off as the earsplitting siren wails throughout the dinning room. He tries putting it between his legs to muffle it... tries sitting on it and tries directing the sound into the floor / carpet, all to no avail! Finally the siren is silenced... and so are the 100+ people in the restaurant who are thinking WTF? EJ's face goes beat red in embarrassment as the rest of the Lost 202 bursts out into historical laughter!

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2006

Lost 202 CeeCee Winner 2005

2005 CeeCee Winner

RottenPup returns home from a short ride and decides his Indian Scout is a little dirty and could use a little clean up. He gets out his beloved Honda Spray Cleaner and chamois cloth and goes to work, giving his gas tank a good spray down with the cleaner first... When he goes to wipe down the tank, the chamois seems to stick in place as his hand continues forward without the cloth... WTF? Rotten lifts the can which is still in his other hand to have a look... "3M Spray Adhesive!"
That's right! He had just sprayed 3M Spray Adhesive all over his gas tank! The next 3 hours are spent removing the glue! And the best part of the story?
Nobody was there... Nobody knew what he did nor would have ever found out except for the fact... that HE told us all about it!

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