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Lost 202 Riding Club CONSTITUTION

Article I - Name

The name of this Organization will be; The Lost 202 Riding Club.

Article II - Purpose and Object

The purpose of this Organization will be to bring together fellow motorcyclists whose common interest is motorcycle riding, to promote social camaraderie, support various non-profit charities, and to aid and assist its members when needed. This Organization is a not for profit club and will be tax exempt.

Article III - Membership

Full Members will be composed of members in good standing accepted into membership and current in membership dues. Members must attend a minimum of 4 club rides or social functions annually in order to maintain good standing. All members must be 21 years old or older and the owner and legal operator of a motorcycle of at least 600 cc's. Exceptions will be granted and memberships renewed for members who for whatever reasons, are rendered incapable of continuing to enjoy the freedom of riding.

Article IV - Classification of Membership

  • Full Member (see Article III)
  • Founding Member Any of the original (10) core members having participated in the founding of the Lost 202 and having contributed a founding member investment of $100.00 over an above all other dues and fees.
  • Lifetime Member Active Member worthy of the honor will be eligible to become a Lifetime Member with the approval of three quarters of the Members present at a Regular or Annual Meeting. Lifetime Members are entitled to hold an elected office and will be entitled to a vote.
  • Honorary Member Honorary Members will be any individual deemed worthy of the honor with the approval of three quarters of the Members present at a Regular or Annual Meeting. Honorary Members will not be entitled to hold an office nor entitled to a vote. honorary members will not be subject to Article III membership requirements.

Article V - Officers

The elected Officers of this Organization will be;

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Membership Officer
  • Treasurer/Financial Officer
  • Special Operations Officer

Article VI Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will consist of all the Officers of this Organization with the President serving as Chairman of the Board.

Article VII - Amendments

The Constitution may be amended, altered or repealed at the Annual Meeting or any special meeting called by the BOD, by a vote of three-fourths of the Members present and voting. Such amendments, alterations or repeals having been proposed in writing, read at the previous regular meeting, with the membership being notified as to the substance of the amendment in the writing in the meeting notification.


Article I - Meetings

Meetings will be held quarterly at a location designated by the BOD. Meetings will be communicated to membership at least one week prior via email.

Article II - Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held in the winter between Dec 1st and Feb 28th at a location designated by the BOD. Election of officers will be conducted at the annual meeting. The meeting will be communicated to membership at least two weeks in advance via email.

Article III - Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of members and guests
  3. Reading and approval of minutes from previous meeting
  4. Announcements & Reports
  5. Membership applications and votes
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Adjournment

Article IV - Decorum

Meetings will be conducted as informally as possible loosely following Roberts Rules of Order. Unless otherwise specified in the constitution, all motions will be voted on using simple majority for passage.

Article V - Quorum

  • 51% of full members will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at meetings of the lost 202.
  • 75% of the members of the Board of Directors will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the Lost 202 Board.

Article VI - Application for Membership

Lost 202 Membership Process.
In order to become a Full Member, a prospective member must be Sponsored by a current Lost 202 member in good standing, and complete a minimum 6 month candidacy period. The membership process is as follows.

  1. In order to qualify for sponsorship, a prospective member must have ridden a minimum of two club rides and participated in a minimum of two club social actives. The candidate must have demonstrated at least advanced intermediate riding skills and a personality that fits with the club membership.
  2. Any club member may propose a candidate for sponsorship.
  3. The desire to sponsor should be communicated to the Memberships Officer along with a brief justification for sponsorship. This should be done privately, in person or in writing (email). There should NOT be any communication to the prospective member at this time.
  4. The Membership Officer will take the proposed candidate to the Board of Directors for review. The BOD will determine if the individual has met the minimum attendance requirements for rides and social meets (objective standards). If the minimums are met, the BOD will pass the proposed candidate on to the membership for comment regarding the subjective requirements of at least advanced intermediate riding skill and social "fit" within the clubs existing membership. After all members have had a chance to provide input, the BOD will determine if the proposed candidate is accepted or rejected.
  5. The Membership Officer will communicate the BOD's decision to the Sponsor member.
    • If Approved - Sponsor is now free to discuss membership with the candidate.
    • If Denied - The Membership Officer will communicate the reason to the Sponsor. There should be no communication back to the rejected candidate at this time. (In theory, they should not know they were ever considered.) The Membership Officer will also notify the membership via email
  6. Upon communication and mutual agreement, the new candidate is officially sponsored and the candidacy period begins for the prospective member. The Membership officer will communicate the sponsored status of the individual to the entire membership with encouragement for members to get to know the individual. The Sponsor's identity will remain anonymous.

    The Role of the Sponsor

    • Inform the candidate on the membership process.
    • Mentor the candidate on the rules and traditions of the Lost 202.
    • Encourage candidate participation in order to earn positive membership votes.
    • Monitor the 6 month waiting period and call for the membership vote when ready.
  7. The candidacy period will last a minimum of six months. After the minimum period has passed a candidate can be brought to a vote at any time, either at a regular scheduled business meeting, an ad-hoc meeting, or online via an electronic ballot. A three quarter majority will be required for membership. Quorum rules will apply and all votes will be confidential paper or electronic ballots. The membership vote will take place when the Sponsor calls for the vote. The sponsor should wait to call the vote until such a time as they feel confident the candidate meets all membership requirements and the vote outcome will be favorable.
  8. The outcome of the vote will be communicated to the Sponsor by the Membership Officer and to the candidate by the Sponsor. Upon completion of the application and payment of required fees and dues, the Sponsor and the BOD will present the new member with their patches.

Article VII - Fees and Dues

  • The initiation fee for Full Members will be $75.
  • The annual dues for all Full Members will be $50 per annum. Dues will be payable on or before the Annual Meeting in the winter each year.
  • Founding Members dues will be $50 per annum.
  • Associate members (Grandfathered) will not be required to pay annual dues.
  • Lifetime Members will not be required to pay annual dues.
  • Honorary Members will not be required to pay annual or initiation fee or dues.
  • New members accepted after October 1st dues will be credited for the following year.

All Members owing at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting will be notified in writing (text or e-mail) by the Membership Office. Any member whose dues are unpaid after 60 days will be suspended and cease to enjoy the privileges of the organization. If the membership dues have not been paid after 90 days they will be dropped from the Membership rolls. See Article IX – Expulsion

Article VIII - Funds

All funds will be raised by fees, dues, donations and such other means as the Organization will from time to time deem necessary. All funds will be deposited in a regular savings or checking account. Withdrawals greater than $200.00 will require signoff by two Board members. No debts will be incurred by or for the Organization by any Officer, Committee Member or Member except as authorized by vote of the Executive Board or Members present at a Regular or Annual Meeting of this Organization.

Article IX - Expulsion

Any member who is found guilty of conduct unbecoming a Lost 202 member as determined by a majority vote by the Board of Directors, or any Member with dues in the arrears for longer than 90 days after the Annual Meeting will be dropped from the Membership rolls.

Article X - Duties of Officers:

The President will preside at all meetings of the Organization, appoint Committees and non elected Officers. He/She will, at all times, enforce a due consideration and observance of the Constitution, By-Laws and Resolutions and will preserve order and harmony within the Club.

Vice President
The Vice President will preside in the absence of the President and discharge such other duties of the President in case of his disability or vacancy of his office.

Membership Officer
The Membership Officer will oversee the membership process making sure that member sponsors and candidates follow correct club protocol for membership.

Treasurer/Financial Officer
The Treasurer will receive all monies and checks keeping a record thereof. He/She will open and maintain an interest bearing, free checking account in a Federally Insured Bank or Lending Institution of his/her choice. The club accounts should include online banking services if possible.

Special Operations Officer
The primary function of the Special Ops Officer shall be to oversee the fund raising activities of the club. Both for the purpose of raising funds for the Lost 202 or for other charitable organizations.

Executive Board.
The Board of Directors will exercise a general supervision over the interests and affairs of the Organization. They shall procure and prepare suitable quarters for meetings in the winter months, and supervise all club activities, property, equipment and assets. They will meet when deemed necessary.

Article XI - Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended, altered or repealed at the Annual Meeting or any special meeting called by the BOD, by a vote of three-fourths of the Members present and voting. Such amendments, alterations or repeals having been proposed in writing, read at the previous regular meeting, with the membership being notified as to the substance of the amendment in the writing in the meeting notification.


  1. Recognition of Lost 202 Founding Members and Founding Date. (passed May 5, 2005)The founding date of the Lost 202 Riding Club is recognized as January 2, 2005
    The founding members of the Lost 202 are recognized as:
    • Eric "ejmoment" Johnson (First Officer)
    • Jerry "RottenPup" Garvey (Second Officer)
    • Bob "Uncamonk" Lund (Third Officer)
    • Steve "Speedie" Molander (Treasurer)
    • Tim "Pumper" Schanno
    • Vickie "CherryLady" Strachota
    • John "Iffy" Martin
    • Craig "Buckaroo" Kotval
    • Dennis "Mad Dog" Colello
    • Jay "Doc" Desio
  2. Officer Terms. Lost 202 elected Officer term of office shall be two years in length.(passed November 1, 2005)
  3. Nominating Committee. The sitting Board of Directors shall serve as the nominating committee for officer election nominations.(passed November 1, 2005)
  4. Mid-term officer vacancies will be filled by the BOD by appointment with the term lasting the remainder of the vacated office term.(passed November 1, 2005)
  5. The Lost 202 officer position formerly called "Third Officer" is changed to "Membership Officer". The duties of office are contained within By Laws Article VI.(passed July 11, 2006)
  6. The Lost 202 officer positions formerly called "First Officer" and "Second Officer" be renamed to "President" and "Vice President", with no change in duty.(passed November 11, 2008)
  7. Associate Members may not wear the club back patch or the club t-shirt with the full size patch replica (unless they are covered by a jacket, vest or other) while they are independently operating a motorcycle. They may wear the patch at any other time. The Associate Member may earn the right to wear the patch while riding when/if they attain Full Membership.(passed February 17, 2009)
  8. Effective September 14, 2010 any Lost 202 back patch that is sewn onto a vest or jacket will be the ONLY patch, pin, air brushed or embroidered design on the back of that vest or jacket. For this purpose, any patch, pin, air brushed or embroidered design which is visible from the back will be considered to be on the back of the vest or jacket. Existing members vest or jacket patch configurations and arrangements may remain intact and unchanged; however, the club encourages current members to voluntarily remove existing patches other than the Lost 202 patch from the back of their vests and/or jackets.
    (passed September 14, 2010)
  9. Lost 202 R.I.P. Memorial Patches will be worn in accordance with Lost 202 patch protocol guidelines.(effective July 1, 2011)
  10. Potential candidates for (Full Membership) Patch Protocol Accepted candidates for full membership will be required to:
    • Acquire a new or used leather or denim vest free of any patches, embroidery or airbrushing. (New or used.)
    • Receive a small Lost 202 Wolf Vest Patch (No cost to Candidate. This patches will either be returned, or covered by a future initiation fee.)
    • Place the patches on the front left breast of the vest, Candidates patch protocol guidelines.
    • No other patches may be added during candidacy period.
    • When they are patched in, they receive their back patch.
    • If they fail to patch-in, the small Wolf Patch is returned.
    • (passed 9/13/2011) Revised (11/8/2016)
  11. Associate Membership On a go-forward basis the Lost 202 discontinue the membership status of "Associate Member." Effective 11/9/2011 there will be no new Associate Memberships. Current Associate Memberships are not affected by this motion.
    (passed 11/8/2011)
  12. Reinstatement of a Former Member. A former member who resigned in good standing (defined as voluntary resignation and patches returned) may after becoming active with the club again, attending at least two rides and two social functions, be nominated for reinstatement (sponsored) by any current member. The nomination must be made in person at a club business meeting. Following the meeting, input from absent members will be solicited via email.
    • The former member must serve a six month waiting period.
    • This period will be similar to a candidate, but without the label, status. If they choose to, they may wear a slick back vest and the small howling wolf patch.
    • After the minimum six month period is served, a membership vote will be required for reinstatement by a minimum 3/4 vote.
    • The sponsor will serve the same role that they play with a candidate, to educate, coach and correct as required, and call for the vote when ready.
    • If the former member becomes reinstated, standard dues apply; there will be no initiation fee. If available, they will get their old patches back (2) or used patches (2). If there are no used patches available, they will receive new patches (2) at no charge. If used patches are declined, new patches must be purchased at regular price.
    • (passed 9/10/2013)
  13. Membership Dues 2018. Per membership vote at 2017, 3rd quarter meeting, dues for 2018 (only) will be $100 per member in lieu of holding a spring party fundraiser.
  14. Effective 2021 Annual Membership Dues increased from $25 to $50 per Membership vote at 2021 Annual Meeting. (passed 2/20/21)

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